Factory direct sale high quality MH metallic yarn embroidery thread For Weaving

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Introducing Lurex Yarn Type MH from our Premium Metallic Yarn Factory! This sophisticated product is made from vacuum-coated PET polyester film, which is cut into thin strands and expertly twisted with different fibers such as polyester and rayon.

  • Thickness: 12um
  • Width: 1/110”
  • Partner Yarn: 75D/68D Nylon/Polyester/Rayon
  • Machine Types: Suitable for Flat knitting machine, circular knitting machine, warp knitting machine, shuttle loom, etc.
  • Gauge: Up to 12G
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    Our MH type Lurex yarns are mainly used in computerized embroidery and craft accessories for handicrafts, fashion and other embroidery projects. With its rich, even color and shimmering sheen, this metallic wire adds an unrivaled decorative touch and iridescent sparkle to your projects.

    Our products are not only reliable in quality, but also soft to the touch with an extraordinary feel. Its sheer and lustrous finish make it ideal for woven fabrics, knits and sweater projects. It is also great for scarves, socks, tricot and other yarn dyed fabrics.

    What’s more, our products are priced unbelievably low and can be purchased directly from our factory, providing you with great value for money. With no middle man involved, we can provide you with the highest quality product without breaking the budget.

    At our metallic yarn factory, we pride ourselves on offering enhanced design options and a wide range of color options to suit your needs. Available in a variety of shades, our metallic wire is guaranteed to make your project stand out.

    And here’s the best part – we provide free samples and color swatches to help you make an informed buying decision before you make an informed purchase decision!

    Choose our MH type Lurex yarn, you will not only benefit from its good quality and low price, but also can buy directly from our factory. Trust us to provide you with products that will surely exceed your expectations. Order today to turn your project into a masterpiece!

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