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  • Thickness:10um
  • Width:1/254”
  • Partner Yarn:40D Nylon
  • Gauge:14G

  • FOB Price: US $2.9 / KG
  • Min.Order Quantity: 500kgs
  • Supply Ability: 20000 KGS Per Day
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    Introducing our latest product – SD type metal wire. This high-quality metallic yarn is perfect for adding glamor and luxury to a variety of textile products. The yarn is designed to deliver rich, full color, combined with an ultra-soft and ultra-fine texture, making it ideal for high-end products.

    Type SD wire is 12 microns thick, 1/254 inch wide, and twisted with 40D nylon for strength and durability. This ensures it can withstand the rigors of production and maintain its luxurious appearance. The yarn is suitable for many uses such as knitting, textiles, ribbons, clothing, embroidery, craft gift packaging, paint decoration, etc. It can also be used in cleaning cloths to add a touch of elegance to daily life. project.

    Our company,is proud to offer this high quality product as part of our diverse range of textile materials. We have introduced advanced production lines from Japan and Italy to create one-stop large-scale production of polyester film coloring, cutting and spinning. The company has a complete quality management system and has an annual production capacity of 5,000 tons of polyester film and 4,000 tons of gold and silver thread and glitter powder. Our products are widely recognized for their quality and versatility and trusted by customers across industries.

    At  Chenying company, we are committed to serving our customers wholeheartedly with excellent quality and reasonable prices. Our efficient, orderly and reasonable scientific management ensures that our products meet the highest standards of excellence. We continually strive to improve and provide our customers with superior products.

    Type SD wire is a testament to our commitment to quality and innovation. Its ultra-glam look and luxurious feel make it a perfect choice for high-end products such as high-end wool sweaters, socks and other textiles that deserve an extra touch of elegance. With our rich and comprehensive color range, designers and manufacturers can choose the perfect shade to complement their designs and create stunning finished products.

    We believe that Type SD Filigree will become an important component in creating high quality textile products. Its unique combination of strength, softness and visual appeal makes it ideal for adding a luxurious feel to a variety of applications. We invite you to explore the possibilities of this remarkable product and experience the difference it brings to your creations.

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