1/110″ Hot Sale MH Type Gold And Silver Metallic Yarn Economic Lurex Shining Sparkle Metallic Thread For Knitting

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  • Thickness: 12um
  • Width: 1/110”
  • Partner Yarn: 75D/68D Nylon/Polyester/Rayon
  • Machine Types: Suitable for Flat knitting machine, circular knitting machine, warp knitting machine, shuttle loom, etc.
  • Gauge: Up to 12G
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    Introducing our BEST SELLER – 1/110” MH Type Gold and Silver Wire! Crafted from the highest quality 75D/68D Nylon/Polyester/Rayon yarns, this metallic wire is beautifully designed and soft to the touch that is sure to impress. The silk thread has a calm luster effect, and the irregular curved surface refracts the light to produce amazing brilliance, making your works stand out.

    Our metallic yarns are ideal for those who are looking for lining materials for plain knits, knitted fabrics and cardigans. It can be used in various other textile and handicraft industries such as scarves, socks, tiaras and Christmas items.

    At DONGYANG MORNING EAGLE LINE INDUSTRY CO., LTD., we have 12 years of experience in manufacturing gold and silver metallic yarns, embroidery threads and glitter. Our experience ensures we only produce the highest quality products and our commitment to customer satisfaction is unwavering.

    Our metal wire is 12um thick and 1/110” wide, suitable for flat knitting machines, circular knitting machines, warp knitting machines, shuttle looms and other machines. Maximum 12G.

    Our metallic yarns are available in a variety of colors, making it easy to find the perfect color for your project. Metallic threads are perfect for adding a touch of glamor and sparkle to your designs, making them look more stylish and eye-catching.

    Our wires are used in a variety of applications including sweaters, scarves, knits, warp knits, socks and other yarn dyed fabrics. It’s also perfect for creating unique and eye-catching accessories such as scarves and headpieces. With their high quality and versatile applications, our metallic yarns are the perfect addition to your creative projects.

    All in all, our 1/110″ MH Style Gold and Silver Metallic Yarn is a very popular and popular product. With its unrivaled quality, versatility and affordability, it is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a top-quality metallic yarn for creative pursuits. Order today and experience the difference our metallic yarns can make in your designs!


    Sweaters, scarves, knitting fabric, tricot fabric, socks, high fashion and other yarn-dyed fabric.
    It can also be applied to other textile and handcraft industries such as scarves, hosiery, headwear, Christmas items and so on.

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