Customized Shinny Yarn Metallic Feather Fancy Yarn For Knitting 1/69″ M Type 1/110″ MH Type 1/169″ AK Type

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  • Thickness: 12um
  • Width: Customized (1/69” M TYPE 1/110” MH TYPE 1/169” AK TYPE)
  • Partner Yarn: Customized 45~150D (100%Polyester/Nylon Polyester Blend /100%cotton, FDY, DTY)
  • Feather Spec: 3~7cm for length, single side, both side
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    Introducing our revolutionary custom metallic feather fancy yarn from DONGYANG MORNING EAGLE LINE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. We are proud to offer eco-friendly and fashion-forward products that fully meet the different needs of different customers. As a gold and silver metallic yarn, embroidery thread and glitter manufacturer with more than 12 years experiences, our metallic feather fancy yarn can be twisted with various partner yarns according to customers’ requirements.

    Ideal for weaving, our custom shiny yarns are available in three types: 1/69” M Type, 1/110” MH Type, and 1/169” AK Type. One of the standout features of these yarns is their thickness of 12 micron for durability. The width of these wires is also customizable so you can choose the most suitable width for your project.

    Our custom shiny yarns are available in combination with partner yarns in the 45-150D range and are available in 100% Polyester or Nylon Polyester Blend and 100% Cotton. The flexibility to combine with different partner yarns depends on the preferences of each customer and these yarns can be used in various knitting applications.

    Feather gauge is critical to the look and feel of the yarn. Our feathers are 3-7cm in length and you can choose single or double sides. Feathers are lightweight and create a whimsical touch, making this yarn stand out from other metallic yarns.

    At DONGYANG MORNING EAGLE LINE INDUSTRY CO., LTD., we pride ourselves on producing environmentally friendly products that reduce environmental hazards. All of our products, including custom shiny yarns, are made from the highest quality materials to ensure durability.

    Our custom shiny yarns are perfect for a variety of projects including knitting winter scarves, hats and gloves. Customers can customize the yarn according to their preferences and specific requirements of the project. Plus, the sheen and shimmer of these metallic yarns add a unique touch to any project and make it stand out.

    If you are looking for unique and high quality metallic yarns for your knitting projects, DONGYANG MORNING EAGLE LINE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is your best choice. Our custom shimmery yarns are the perfect item for anyone looking for a statement piece for their next knitwear. With our many years of experience in manufacturing metallic yarns, you can trust that our products are of high quality and your satisfaction is guaranteed. So why wait? Order your custom shiny yarn today!


    Weaving, Knitting, Hand knitting.

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